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The Expression of Love - Meditations With Lumari


LOVE is a specific vibration and a vibrational realm. To love is to have the capacity and willingness to experience the energy and act from that vibration. When we love whether it is ourselves or others, we extend that frequency outward and receive that frequency inward. Love is the celebration, wonder, freedom and appreciation that is extended to oneself and to others.

I created this meditation to open you to love yourself. We are not free to fully love others, if we cannot feel honor and appreciation within. Love grows on the foundational experience of honor. When we honor ourselves, we appreciate our own worth. When we can feel this in ourselves, then honor becomes a graceful and enriching way of being. Through our understanding and alignment with honor, we can appreciate and love ourselves with clarity and generosity. Then, our self love is not conditional, not dependent on performance or some future goal. It is an experience and expression of our present being, moving to fulfill itself in many ways.


In this meditation, you will need writing implements, as well as a quiet space and state of mind. So get your writing paraphernalia or open your word processing program and we shall begin. When you are ready, allow yourself the quiet to proceed with this meditation practice. Please take as much time as you need. Honor yourself and your process. Allow yourself the joy and freedom of playing in who you are.

As you play within this meditation, first you will bring yourself to a centered place of calm. Then, you will be writing certain things that you notice. Afterward you will go into meditation to experience these energies.


Take three very deep, very slow breaths. Inhale to the count of thirteen.
Hold your breath to the count of thirteen.
Exhale to the count of seven. Repeat this five times.

Think of one quality you admire about yourself. A quality is a descriptive, like being compassionate, caring, friendly, assertive, happy, creative, funny, etc. Be truthful. Explore some of the qualities that make you who you are, and find one quality that you admire about yourself. It could be the same quality that you admire in others. It might be something very unique about yourself. It doesn"t matter what anyone else thinks, this is about what you value. When you discover this quality, write it in bold, capital letters.

Now, think of one talent that you have, that you truly appreciate. A talent is a skill, like cooking, painting, programming, writing, dancing, swimming, etc. It is something that you enjoy doing and that you value. This is not a comparative study. Do not look to see a gift that you do better than others. This talent is something you enjoy doing and you enjoy about yourself. Everyone has talent in a number of areas. When you discover this talent, write it down in bold, capital letters.


Center yourself.

Take several slows deep breaths, just as before, to become more calm and more focused.

Think of the quality that you admire about yourself. Imagine the feelings of that quality. Allow it to grow and build inside you. Let this quality fill you. Saturate yourself with it.

As you hold the fullness of this quality, also imagine your special talent. Feel this talent sitting inside the quality you admire. Allow your most wonderful experiences with your talent to reside within the quality you admire.

Hold the focus of both your quality and your talent.


Say each sentence slowly and deliberately.

“I have the quality of ____________.” (speak your quality here).

“I admire the quality of ____________.”

“I love the quality of ____________.”

“I love this within myself.”

“I have the talent of ____________.” (speak your talent here).

“I admire the talent of ____________.”

“I love the talent of ____________.”

“I honor this within myself.”

"I love myself for who I am."
"I love myself for who I am."
"I love myself for who I am."
"I love myself for who I am."


Take several slow, deep breaths and return to your normal focus.


Be easy and gracious with this meditation. Allow it to be whatever it is. Honor whatever happens in this practice. The more you do it, the more open you will feel. Love is expansive. It has an opening and growing energy. As you do this meditation the gifts and qualities you admire about yourself will flourish. You personal appreciation of who you are will grow.

As you continue to play with this meditation, add as many qualities and talents as you like. As many talents and qualities that you truly admire and honor within yourself, are as many as you can declare and acknowledge. I encourage you to add to this meditation, by speaking it aloud in front of a mirror. Let yourself be filled with honor and recognition.

I invite you to share this meditation with your friends, family and other people. Let them know that you appreciate them. Let us all spread the gifts of appreciation in our lives and our world.

May joyous blessings fill your life with acknowledgment and grace.

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