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Do you share from your heart and your vision to provide illuminating and beautiful products to support and nurture the mind, body and spirit of your customers?

Inspired Retailers provide the space for personal growth, expansion, healing and awareness by creating a sanctuary of exploration for their community. Inspired Retailers provide the space for inspiration to live.

Do you want a boundless connection to your Creativity, to engage your Divine Soul Purpose, and to live from a place of Joy, Wonder and Fulfillment, every day?

That is Living Inspired! That’s why this book is so important.

My new book, “LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI: Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation,”
breaks apart the myths about inspiration that rob you of that divine connection. In this book, I reveal the actual essence and spirit of Living Inspired, so you can create your own illumination and positive purpose – every moment.

In these frequencies and truths, you will discover the lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation, the ART of Living Inspired, so you can carry your brilliance forward in ways that are vibrant, meaningful, creative, and transformational, not only for yourself, but also for the world.

This is an evolutionary book with advanced, original wisdom that uncovers the secrets of Living Inspired and gives you a new way of connecting with your own gifts, vision and purpose.

What are the results of reading LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI and living inspired every day?

LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI uncovers the hidden truths and opens the way for blessings that enhance your life with joy, beauty, wisdom, kindness and spirit while you are creating positive influences and solutions in our world.

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Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation

  • Paperback: 136 pages
  • Publisher: Amethyst; 1st edition (May 6, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0967955327
  • ISBN-13: 978-0967955322

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Book Description

“Inspiration is a profound moment when magic enters your life and whispers,
sings, or shouts a true divine message of transformation to you.”

In this groundbreaking book, Lumari reveals the actual essence, frequencies and A.R.T. of Living Inspired, so you can create your own illumination from the love in your heart and the purpose of your soul. ​Few people have access to this evolutionary elegance of ‘living inspired.’ You’ll come away from this book with an expanded vision of yourself and a greater capacity to create positive change that will uplift your life and inspire our world.

This book will bring new meaning and transformation to your customers and bring new possibilities into their lives.

Endorsements and Reviews

What people are saying about Living Inspired With Lumari

“Lumari takes you deep into the heart of divine inspiration.”
"With this book, Lumari takes you deep into the heart of divine inspiration. Reading this is an invitation and guide to embrace your own inspirations, where you will become renewed, fully inspired and connected to the creative source.&8221
—Karen Ruimy ~ Musician, Performer and Author

“Read it today!”
“Does inspiration elude you? Let it find you instead! In Living Inspired, Lumari shows you how to tap into awakening and purpose so you can make a genuine difference in this world.
Read it today!”
—David Riklan ~ Founder of, the # 1 Self Improvement site on the Internet.

“An empowering book!”
Lumari has done such a beautiful job empowering me as the reader to step more fully into the vision of my heart. If living in a place of true inspiration on a daily basis is a gift you want to give yourself then this book is a must read for you. Enjoy!
—Sue Thompson

“Give Yourself this Gift of Abundance!”
“You are the active expression of the gifts, purpose, and destiny you carry. You are the magic.” This quote from Lumari in her book LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI really expresses Living Inspired.

When you read this book you will feel the energy of the universe and your personal connection to it lighting you. It helps create an awareness in you that will manifest a magical active expression. This book will lead you gently into inspired living each day of your life.

Reading this book and submerging myself in these energies and this multi-tiered awareness that Lumari brought in awakened me so that I could recognize nuances of sacred inspiration in my life and act on the inspiration. "The creative and intuitive spiritual processes both rely on inspiration."

This book and Lumari's teachings gently filled me with the energy of inspired awareness and recognition. I simply flowed on a natural path to higher levels of expression in the world. I soon found myself in the midst of a vision I had always had: to be with young children, to read my book to them, to lead them in movement and joy based on my book. This whole experience of reading Lumari's book and participating with the energies of Living Inspired helped me fulfill my vision of leading young children in dance in my own unique way. It also led me to write a musical based on the book that went almost immediately into production so I can fill the world with more movement, song and joy!

Reward yourself with Lumari's book and reap the glorious joy of deep connection to your natural destiny. To quote Lumari: "Dance and celebrate the sacred harmonies that keep creativity, wonder and love flowing.”
—Lynn Swanson

“Positively inpirational indeed!”
It is refreshing in a time of what seems to be a period of excessive fostering of entitlement to “divine rights,” that Lumari releases this book on inspiration. In Living Inspired, Lumari concisely, with examples, illustrates that we must proactively pursue and positively direct our energies towards what we seek, not wait for it to find us. Lumari also guides the reader to be grascious and acknowledge the good of where we are and where we've been. Positively inpirational indeed!
—Alicia Gyetvai

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Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation

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